In this page, live analysis can be performed on the dataset from the article: Translating olfactomes into attractants: shared volatiles provide attractive bridges for polyphagy in fruit flies (Biasazin et al, 2018). This live analysis uses a R server (v 3.5.1) running shiny v. 1.2.0 (Chang et al 2018). All plotting are done using ggplot2 (Wickham H, 2016)

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Four alternatives are given:

  1. Heatmap – a visualisation of all responses
  2. PCA using function prcomp
  3. NMDS fitted with a bray curtis dissimilarity index using package Vegan (Oksanen et al 2018)
  4. A olfactomic tree, based on a Jaccard dissimilarity index with a presence/absence standardization, note that at least two levels of either species or fruit have to be selected if not a error will be returned.